Next Session: Holcombe Waller

On November 11, Holcombe Waller will be at Secret Society for the next in a series of live-broadcast recording sessions on StationToStation. Holcombe will be performing and recording some brand-new material he is working on for an upcoming release, along with some songs from his previous four releases.

About Holcombe Waller
Holcombe Waller is a Portland-based musician who has released four albums of gorgeous folk pop beginning with his 2001 debut, Extravagant Gesture. Since then, Waller’s artistic undertakings have proven as varied and impressive as his acclaimed vocal range. He has been commissioned for several film and dance scores, multidisciplinary performances, and artistic collaborations. Most recently Waller was awarded a United States Artists Berresford Fellow award for his work in music, has toured supporting The Magnetic Fields, and is touring the country this fall as a performing member of the band Menomena. Waller’s November 11th performance is one of only three solo U.S. shows this Fall.

Secret Society Ballroom  116 NE Russell St, Portland 97212
Sunday November 11th – StationToStation featuring Holcombe Waller
Buy Tickets here
7:30pm SHARP (doors open at 6:30pm)
$12.00; 18 and over
It is advisable to arrive before 7:15pm, to get settled in and refreshed before the 7:30pm broadcast.

April 29. Casey Neill and the Norway Rats. Live on StationToStation.

Join us for another recording session and broadcast at Secret Society, this time with Casey Neill and his band.
Casey is one of the longstanding heavyweights of Portland American songwriting.
Here’s a live recording I did for Casey Neill at the doug fir.
His band includes Jenny Conlee (Decemberists) and Chet Lyster (Eels, Lucinda Williams).


Sunday April 29- episode 3 featuring Casey Neill and the Norway Rats

7:00pm SHARP (doors open at 6pm)

$10 at the door  18 and over

It is advisable to arrive between 6pm and 6:45, to get settled in and refreshed before the 7pm broadcast begins.

Live broadcast on KZME 107.1 FM Broadcast ends at 8, but the music may continue.

Radio Rat

For all you radio rats.

Duover. March 25th at Secret Society.

On March 25th, StationToStation presents an intimate recording session with indie acoustic duo (and fiancées) Duover. Duover is Rebecca Rasmussen and Nathan Jr–who has played in M. Ward’s band, in Seawolf, and in the Fruit Bats, among many projects.

It's all blue skies as Nathan Jr and Rebecca play their lovely music for us.


Sunday March 25 – episode 2 featuring Duover
Secret Society Ballroom and Recording Studio, 116 NE Russell St.
7:00pm SHARP (doors open at 6pm)
$10 at the door.   All ages (kids welcome).
It’s good to arrive between 6pm and 6:45, to get settled in and refreshed before the 7pm broadcast begins.
Live broadcast on KZME 107.1 FM  Broadcast ends at 8, but the music may continue.

For more information, contact Sean Flora,

Facebook page:

The My Oh Mys [Airdate: Jan 24, 2012]

Veterans of Station to Station TOS, Ezra Holbrook and Tom Nunes bring their great songwriting and great personality to our show. We had a little technical glitch that got sorted out, but not before Ezra turned it to comedy gold.
NSFW – for juvenile and non-explicit use of grown-up words.

Get their new music on Bandcamp.


Casey Neill and the Norway Rats

Here’s a live recording I did for Casey Neill at the doug fir.
Casey is one of the longstanding heavyweights of Portland songwriting.
His band included Jenny Conlee and John Moen (Decemberists), and Chet Lyster (Eels, Lucinda Williams).

1939 Ensemble. [Airdate: Dec 20, 2011]

It was an amazing session tonight.  Jose and Dave played a flawless and riveting set.
We had a couple listeners on the East Coast and one in Alaska.

'Twas a festival of lights. 1939 ensemble. photo: allen hunter


1939 Ensemble

A recently unearthed photo from days before the War...

Jose and Dave. Your flight crew through time and space.

Seeing/hearing 1939 Ensemble is a musical experience like no other.

I could tell you the basics–that it’s drumkit and vibraphone with effects and samples, but that’d tell you not much about what it really is. I could tell you that Dave Coniglio and Jose Medeles trade off on instruments adroitly, but what really gets me is the sense of freedom these two have within the music. I felt drawn into their total fluid concentration–a concentration that is at once totally immersive and just plain fun. While you certainly could call the music experimental, this is an experiment whose results are known and repeatable: music that is exciting, at times explosive, and exquisitely performed.

I hope you’ll join us for our 9pm recording session and broadcast. You won’t regret it. It’s free and the beer is good.
1939 Ensemble
Tues Dec 20. 9:00pm SHARP. (Free)
Alberta Public House
1036 NE Alberta St. 97211


By the bye, even if you’re not a drummer, I hope you’ve paid a visit to Revival Drums at NE Prescott & 15th. Jose–who needs no additional claims to fame besides his talent and charm, but if you must know, also drums for The Breeders–has a great shop specializing in vintage and otherwise lovely drums. Dave teaches drumming and other percussion at Revival and at School of Rock.

Station to Station 2.0 We’re back.

It’s our first live show and lively is what it promises to be!

Join us for a Live Session with Bahttsi at the Alberta Public House (NE 11th+Alberta) Tuesday August 23rd.

It’s hard to peg Bahttsi‘s music to any one genre… there are clearly influences from folk and jazz, but mostly it’s the sound of these particular guys having fun.  Several of these fellas appeared on Station to Station’s first two seasons; Dylan Vance, Grif Bear, Matt Rotchford.

If you can’t make it to the show (come on, it’s FREE for pete’s sake!), then check back here.  If the stars are in perfect alignment, you’ll be able to listen to it live while it’s happening.  If not, we’ll post audio after the show.

Several of these guys and their facial hair will be playing music for you.


The Prids (airdate 28 April 2004)

The Prids circa 2004

Of all the bands featured on Station to Station TOS (the original series),  a handful were standout favorites for me.  The Prids were at the time – and have remained – a beloved Portland band for me.  Their sound is both forlorn and urgent. The dual-vocal from Mistina and David just knocks me out every time. I’m notoriously hard to impress when it comes to bassists, but Mistina La Fave (né Keith) is hands down one of the best bass players I’ve met or worked with. Read more »


3 Leg Torso. Live. Aug, 2003

In August 2003, Station to Station hit the airwaves of Portland. Broadcasting live from Rocket Science Recording Studio on Alberta Street, we featured bands of all stripes performing for our studio audience along with the KBOO listening audience.

3 Leg Torso were our very first guests.

Here is our pilot program. It was on the strength of this show that the fine folks at KBOO gave the go-ahead for Station to Station to air every Wednesday night. 3 Leg Torso put in a great performance; Courtney and Béla are infinitely entertaining.  I hope you enjoy this.