Station to Station 2.0 We’re back.

It’s our first live show and lively is what it promises to be!

Join us for a Live Session with Bahttsi at the Alberta Public House (NE 11th+Alberta) Tuesday August 23rd.

It’s hard to peg Bahttsi‘s music to any one genre… there are clearly influences from folk and jazz, but mostly it’s the sound of these particular guys having fun.  Several of these fellas appeared on Station to Station’s first two seasons; Dylan Vance, Grif Bear, Matt Rotchford.

If you can’t make it to the show (come on, it’s FREE for pete’s sake!), then check back here.  If the stars are in perfect alignment, you’ll be able to listen to it live while it’s happening.  If not, we’ll post audio after the show.

Several of these guys and their facial hair will be playing music for you.


  1. Goombahttsi? You’re kidding, right?
    I thought these guys all died in some kind of naked hot tub incident. Sad because they used to sound good, man. They freaking ripped it up so many times at the Rock Creek Tavern. Them were some good old days. Do they play that Frog and Monkey song anymore?

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